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Solar power is a poster child of clean energy; fields of blue panels shining in the sun would seem to show that we don't need to rely on traditional forms of energy.

Just recently, an Ipsos study of 1,197 Australians found that many were in favour of solar power, whether that was small installations at home or large-scale facilities. But, there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding this energy - and it's time to clear them up.

“The more panels I install, the cheaper my energy bill will be”

This is one of the more common solar misconceptions. Solar power systems should be installed based on how much energy you use. It's easy to compare solar to a phone bill; you wouldn't sign up for a $200 mobile plan if you actually only use $50 each month. Likewise, don't cover every inch of businesses roof space if your energy needs are minimal.
The best way to figure out how many panels you need is by working with Synergy to understand your historical energy usage. Then you can talk to a supplier to figure out an appropriate number of panels to bring your bill down.

The energy I generate using my panels belongs to my business. I use this power first, and any left over power is funnelled back into the grid

True, as long as your solar panels generate electricity, you can use this power for your business. This means the power beamed down from the sun will power your equipment first and foremost. If the panels generate more than your business requires, the spill over power is exported to the electricity grid.
If you're planning on installing solar panels, it's most cost-effective to maximise self-consumption. An experienced commercial PV provider will help you determine the optimum system size for your business.

I can disconnect from the grid with solar panels

Perhaps the most wide-spread misconception. The term solar, as used in this context is defined by Merriam Webster as “produced by or using the sun's light or heat”.
Therefore, solar is an energy type that only works when the sun is out. When it starts to set, you'll have to switch across to grid-based electricity, unless you have an extensive battery storage system. Batteries are an option currently available to businesses but can take some time to recoup their investment. It’s important to evaluate if a battery energy solution is the right option for your business. 

I can install as many panels as I want on my roof

There are a number of things to consider when installing solar panels on commercial buildings. Some site specific limitations may apply with your premises, and you and your installer will need to work through some of the following questions prior to finalising a design:  
• Can the building support the weight of all of the panels? 
• Do I need council approval?
• What about connecting to the electricity network?
• Do I receive any payment on my electricity exported to the grid?

To learn more about why you may want to consider a solar power installation, as well as help answering any electricity, gas or solar questions, reach out to Synergy today.