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In the same way ride-sharing was a big step for transport, and social media was a big step for the way we communicate, advanced metering is one of the biggest and most innovative changes we’ll see to monitoring how energy is used. Advanced metering can help you to have more visibility than ever over how you use energy.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening as advanced meters are rolled out across WA – and what it means to you.

Over 300,000 new meters will be installed over the next three years

At Synergy, we’re working with Western Power to plan the installation of advanced meters for all new and replacement meters across the network. If you’re not scheduled for a meter replacement in the near future, you may choose to upgrade to an advanced meter for a fee.

Advanced meters are digital

Advanced meters are radio frequency-enabled with what’s known as Network Interface Cards (NICs). Instead of being read manually, the meters will automatically communicate electricity meter information directly to Western Power. This NIC-compatible tech is scheduled to be enabled in July 2020, when it’s expected that around 90,000 advanced meters will have been installed across Western Power's network.

Advanced metering is a new way you can use to monitor your energy

The latest solar panels, battery systems, home automation systems and other devices are designed to work with advanced metering.

As advanced meters are installed and connected across the network, we’ll be letting you know about new ways to help you manage your electricity use. These might include:

  • Bill alert notifications – where you could receive an alert if your electricity use looks higher than usual. This means you might be able to take some energy-saving measures to avoid a higher than usual bill.
  • New ways of billing – with increased information, electricity retailers may be able to design new energy plans with more flexible billing, like you see with other services, like mobile phones.
  • Time of use tariffs – where you choose to, you could pay different rates for your electricity depending on the time of day you use it.
  • Early warning fault systems – these will be able to let Western Power know if a connection to your home or business isn’t working properly, so they can send a crew to investigate.

Advanced metering is already used across Australia and in many parts of the world. Advanced metering technology helps to keep electricity networks as safe, reliable and efficient as possible.

Across the world, energy policies are changing and new ideas and insights are emerging. As these changes happen, we’re keeping up with these developments to make sure we can meet our customers' current and future needs. Learn more about what we are doing to ensure our energy future and keep West Australians connected.