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If you’re already driving around in an EV, you’ll be enjoying a range of benefits for you and the wider community, from lower running costs to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less air pollution.

If you don’t have an EV, you might be looking into buying one as more models are released and the cost of petrol keeps rising. You might be like some of our customers who have told us that their biggest concerns are the distance an EV can drive before needing to be recharged and access to charging stations.

There are hundreds of EV chargers throughout Perth and WA
You can find EV chargers all over Perth, some in carparks, shopping centres and restaurants.

Technically speaking, some of the chargers are only dedicated 10A or 15A powerpoints (which are slower to charge) but in WA we also have:

Some 3-phase 32A charging outlets installed by the Australian EV Association
Some AC chargers
The RAC’s DC Fast Charger electric highway in our south-west.
At home, it’s worth installing an EV charging unit to make sure you’re fully charged.

Here are some of the locations across Perth and WA where you can recharge thanks to Plugshare

Many of the charging stations are free to use but check with the venue. Some venues ask for a reasonable contribution, so use your judgement. After all, the chargers are often installed to attract your business.