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If you own an electric car, finding EV charging stations in Perth and WA might seem like a hassle sometimes – but you’ll also have the chance to enjoy other potential benefits of driving an EV, such as generally lower running costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced air pollution when compared to conventional petrol fuelled cars.

If you don’t have an EV yet, you could be considering one as more models are released and the cost of fuel fluctuates and can be expensive. Whatever your reasons for switching to an EV, we’ve put together this guide to finding EV charging stations across Perth and WA.


EV chargers at home and on the road

Charging your EV at home is often the most convenient option, whether you have a dedicated EV charging point installed or you just plug your EV into your home power outlet. You might even consider changing your electricity plan to EV Add On^ to make the most of cheaper electricity rates for off peak charging times.*

When you’re out and about, it’s worth knowing where your closest public fast charging station is, so you can top up your charge if you need to. It is also worth considering having a spare charging cable and even a travel adaptor in your car so you have more options with the EV charging stations available. 

Just as it’s not polite to park at a petrol bowser if you’re only popping in to get a coffee, it’s not good manners to park at an EV charging station unless you’re actually using the charging point. While these are often marked ‘electric vehicles only’, they’re designed for drivers to plug into the charging point, not as car parks. Make sure you follow charging point etiquette to help support other electric car drivers across Perth.


The number of EV charging stations in Perth and WA is growing

There are hundreds of EV chargers across Perth and WA. You can find EV charging stations all over Perth, including in carparks, shopping centres and restaurants or along the WA EV Network

The WA EV Network is an initiative of the State Government, supported by Synergy and Horizon Power, to create Australia’s longest network of electric vehicle charging stations. Once completed, EV drivers will have access to 98 EV charging stations across 49 locations, from Eucla at the South Australian border to Kununurra in the far north of WA.

The initiative is part of the State Government's Electric Vehicle Action Plan and aims to boost EV uptake in WA to help reach the State Government's target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Find your closest fast charging station

To find the EV charging stations near your home, work or regular stops, you might like to explore other apps and resources available for EV owners

One example is PlugShare, an open-source tool which is available from your app store and free to use, with information about EV charging stations.~ You can find locations and details of EV charging stations, along with details about charging speeds and plug types.~ 

You can use PlugShare’s planning function to enter your destination and find various EV charging stations that are located along your chosen route.~ In the Plugshare app~, you can click on each location to find out more information about that EV charging station including:

  • The address of the EV charging station 
  • What kind of charging point it is – and which plug it uses, i.e. Type 1, Type 2 plug (Mennekes), CHADEM, CCS2 or others
  • How much the charger costs to use
  • What hours the EV charging station is available/open
  • Contact details for the EV charger in case of any issues
  • Further information about the charger, including websites or apps which might be useful

Map of EV charging stations Perth and WA

Here are some of the locations across Perth and WA where you can recharge, thanks to Plugshare~.


Now with easy access to information about your local EV charging stations at your fingertips, you may be interested to learn more about best charging practices for your EV with our ultimate EV charging guide. 


^ Synergy EV Add On is subject to eligibility criteria, see the Synergy EV Add on Eligibility Criteria for details. The Synergy Standard Electricity Agreement Terms and Conditions apply to the Synergy EV Add On product.  

* The electricity charges during the Super Off Peak, Off Peak and Overnight time periods on Synergy EV Add on are lower than the electricity charge for the Synergy Home Plan (A1) (the regulated residential tariff). The electricity charge during the Peak time period on Synergy EV Add On is however higher than the electricity charge for the Synergy Home Plan (A1) (the regulated residential tariff). Ensure you do your own due diligence when deciding whether changing to Synergy EV Add On would work for your unique circumstances.

~ Plugshare is a third party application that Synergy has no association with, information relating to Plugshare in this blog post is correct as at June 2023. 

DISCLAIMER: This blog post contains references to third parties and links to websites and apps created and operated by third parties ("Third Party Information").  This blog and links to Third Party Information are provided for convenience only. Synergy does not endorse or approve any of the third parties or communities referenced in this blog and makes no warranties as to their availability, suitability, reputation or capacity. Synergy does not monitor, verify, warrant, or make any representations with respect to any of the third parties or communities referenced in this blog, the Third Party Information or any subsequent links within that Third Party Information.  Synergy has no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of any Third Party Information. Access to any Third Party Information and participation in any community contained in this blog is at your own risk, and such access and participation may be subject to terms and conditions and privacy policies that are outside of Synergy's control.