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Australia is showing a much slower uptake of EVs with just 219* electric cars sold last year across the whole country. According to the Department of Transport, there are more than 160 EVs and around 40 converted EVs licensed to drive around WA roads.

We’ve conducted surveys and found that while 30% of our customers told us they're likely to buy an electric vehicle (EV), only 13% consider themselves knowledgeable about them. To help you learn more, here are five reasons you might choose an EV for your next car.

Fun fact!

Both HEVs and PHEVs produce lower greenhouse gas emissions, especially if you charge yours using renewable energy sources. If you choose a fully-electric model, you won’t need to use any traditional fuels at all. This means cleaner air and less pollution. Everybody wins.

Fun fact!

In fact the first one was invented in the 1830s by a Scottish inventor named Robert Anderson. It may have taken almost two centuries to get from Robert’s initial prototype to where we are today, but there’s no going back now. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has forecast annual electric vehicle new car sales will reach 35 per cent of the market by 2040. 

Will you be part of the EV revolution?