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Natural Gas can be used for heating, cooking and of course, to generate electricity. Along with coal, natural gas powers our fossil fuel-fired power stations. Our gas is piped from WA's offshore gas fields and our coal from Collie coal mines.

What is gas?

Natural gas is a type of fossil fuel which is made up mostly of methane but also contains other substances such as ethane, propane and butane. Often referred to as simply ‘gas’, the energy source can be used for cooking, heating and cooling.

Gas comes from deep beneath Australia's surface, often in rock formations or other hydrocarbon reservoirs. These are often linked to coal beds and methane clathrates.

Natural gases are not renewable, meaning once they are used to generate electricity they cannot be replaced or regenerated. However, gas makes up for this by being easily stored and transported to where it is needed most.

How does gas get to you?

Synergy is both a wholesaler and a retailer of gas, and is one of the largest gas retailers within the WA gas network. We currently supply gas to a diverse range of industries and businesses.

This is how gas is sourced, and the journey it takes to get to you.

How gas gets to you


Offshore gas production platforms are used to drill through bedrock and extract raw natural gas.

From offshore to onshore

Undersea pipelines deliver the natural gas to onshore processing facilities. In some cases, floating pipelines are used.


Treatment plants then remove the impurities found in the substance. These include hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and moisture.


The treated gas is then sold to wholesalers such as Synergy that distribute it to businesses and industries across WA’s South West Interconnected System.


Gas that is sent to the South West Gas Distribution System (SWGDS) is odorised so it can be detected if it happens to leak.


This is transported to homes and businesses through the SWGDS, where it is metred and charged according to use.

About WA’s gas network

Gas is brought to the South-West Gas Distribution system (SWGDS) from the Carnarvon and Perth basins via several transmission pipelines.  Gas delivered by these pipelines is either received by large gas users via a direct connection into the pipeline, or enters the SWGDS and is then delivered to homes and businesses.

About WA’s gas market

The regulated WA retail gas market is separate to other retail gas markets within Australia, and it serves over 620,000 customers. In WA, the gas market participants enter into agreements with gas supplier and pipeline operators to purchase and transport gas, then on sell it to consumers. The WA gas market only considers sales once the gas enters the SWGDS. The gas is then delivered through the distribution network which is managed by ATCO Gas Australia.

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