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4. Wind turbines are getting bigger

The higher the better, in terms of reaching the fastest moving winds. That’s why our Albany Grasmere Wind Farm, a Bright Energy Investments joint venture, is in such a great spot sitting 80m above the Southern Ocean.

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5. Wind farms create jobs

The wind does all the work to get the turbines moving, but underneath all the action is a team of technicians, engineers, administrators and a whole raft of renewable energy experts and support crew.

3D image of the earth being powered by renewable energy with wind turbines

6. Wind could power the world

It would only take around 3.9 million turbines to become a reality according to an article by Business Insider, using typical-sized turbines, that kind of number would take up a space just slightly smaller than Spain.

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7. Wind is getting cheaper

The cost of wind has dropped by 90% since the 1980s - just like the cost of cassettes, Walkmans and fax machines. As technology gets smarter, we’re harnessing the power of the wind in cheaper and more efficient ways.

WInd farms - I'm a big fan

8. Wind energy is the fastest-growing renewable energy source in many countries

According to Geoscience Australia the wind energy industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly over the next decade. At the moment, most of it is happening in the US and Europe, but China and India are showing rapid growth too.