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The State Government has released the Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap to enable WA to have a smart and integrated electricity system.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is the term given to rooftop solar systems, batteries, electric vehicles, microgrids and other small-scale energy technologies. These resources are transforming our electricity systems, here in WA and across the world.

With this transformation comes a range of challenges and opportunities related to how we produce, manage and consume electricity in WA. The State Government has released the DER Roadmap to undertake over the next 5 years.

Synergy supports the roadmap and are working with Energy Policy WA's Energy Transformation Taskforce and other energy partners to deliver the actions needed to meet these challenges and harness the potential for cleaner, more affordable energy for everyone. 

Find out more about the DER Roadmap

Head to Energy Policy WA's Brighter Energy Future website for more information on the Roadmap or to download a copy.

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