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We sure are feeling the cold and as part of our Facebook Winterworld Synergy Power Slide competition we asked everyone to tell us ‘how they keep warm in winter’.

We had an overwhelming amount of entries with reoccurring themes of family activity time, snuggle time, hot drinks, adding extra layers of clothes and those all-important energy tips for around the home, so why not check out our chosen winners to see how creative you can get to stay warm this winter.

Here are the winning 30 entries;

  1. We light our wood fire to keep us warm at night. Blinds down, doors shut keeps the room warm all day
  2. Nourish your body with warm healthy winter meals, hot drinks and exercise daily! A healthy, happy body is a warm one!
  3. Sitting by the fire, if I can push the dogs out of the way.
  4. I layer up, don the beanie and walk briskly with the grandchildren to the park. Where they have lots of things to do to stay warm.
  5. Layers of clothing, snuggling in blankets, warm mugs of soup and our trusty electric heater as a last resort.
  6. Wrapped in a blanket and my daughters arms is where my warmth is.
  7. Warm pjs and cups of tea (warm coco) on a cold winter morning day or night and lots of snuggles.
  8. My girls love winter and a chance to rug up in their beanies and scarfs. Until the sun comes out.
  9. Laughter and lots of it, like reruns of the classic comedy The Golden Girls with hot coffee and cheesecakes, like the girls.
  10. Ugg Aussie essential, perfect for all occasions.
  11. Close the doors, dim the lights, I'm staying in tonight- with my blankie tucked in tight.
  12. I keep warm with my aircon on and a big thick blanket.
  13. We go wood chopping together as a family, make a day of it and then we get to snuggle up with our wood fire on.
  14. Close the doors, warm clothes and blankets, hot food and sometimes heater on close by. Also a heat pack in the bed prior to bedtime.
  15. Keeping cosy with cat cuddles, cuppas, cryptic crosswords -- and contemplation of carefree Caribbean cruises. 😊😊
  16. Holidays to the tropics…seriously dinner in the oven heat goes through the house, blankets, socks and bed with a book its warmer.
  17. Overdosing on all the sweet stuff my two coco topped with marshmallows and lots of cuddles around fire and binging on some hot TV shows and movies.
  18. I make sure I close the blinds at sunset to capture any heat from the day! I also do baking for my elderly neighbours!
  19. We have reverse cycle ducted in our house. 
  20. I make myself a hot cuppa tea, bundle myself up like an eskimo while sitting in front of the heater! Brrr
  21. Accessorizing! Knitted beanies, leg warmers, scarves and of course the uggies! And then some choccy by the fire.
  22. I have a new puppy, so that is keeping me warm, running around after her.
  23. The weather man says it's cold and wet but my lovely bed is the warmest yet. Fleecy PJs, socks and a hot wheat pack while watching telly in my sack. Warm flannelette sheets - I've got the lot.  Don't complain, it will soon be hot!!
  24. Nice flannel pyjamas, thermal socks and cuddling up to my awesome partner.
  25. We close all the curtains early, have a lot of blankets and wear flannel pyjamas
  26. Heading down to Freo in our warm fluffy jackets and boots. Going to the markets, eating yummy food and discovering all the attractions whilst breathing the fresh breeze that drifts from the ocean.
  27. 3 doonas on my bed and cuddles from Bella our 16 month old puppy, or relaxing on the couch with a blanket on with Bella and a coffee chilling out and watching a movie together, my son comes out every now and then and gives the best warm cuddles.
  28. We have lots of hot Chocolate and Chai Lattes made my me of course and snuggle up to an available fur baby (I'm a cat rescue person)and of course my furry Poms.
  29. Flanno pjs, ugg boots and a big fluffy Sherpa blanket cuddled up with my husband and daughter.
  30. Snuggles with the ones who love me - my babies and puppies.

We had such an eclectic mix of entries, so if none of these work for you there are plenty more to choose from.  Check out our Facebook competition post to read all the amazing entries that we received.

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