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Even if you don’t recognise the name Byford Flour Mill, you might have been served up some of their products at bakeries and patisseries around Perth and beyond.

They’re responsible for a range of white, rye, wholemeal and organic flours, bread and cake pre-mixes and baking ingredients. They also produce specialty pizza flours which are turned into pizza dough for some of WA’s biggest pizza outlets.

A new way of doing business

One in five Australian homes are installing solar PV systems – and this installation made Byford Flour Mill, our first commercial solar PV customer.

According to our chief executive officer Jason Waters, this installation marks the start of exciting opportunities for commercial operators here in WA...

"This trial allows us to help local businesses like Byford Flour Mill take control and reduce energy costs as it looks towards more sustainable and energy efficient operations. 

We're seeing new technologies and consumer demand for choice and control are driving changes in the energy industry. Having already successfully launched our solar offer, SolarReturn, to residential customers we're confident people will also consider Synergy as another option in the commercial space."

Is solar right for your business?

With over 300 days of sunshine in WA, sourcing energy from the sun makes sense. But you're considering solar for your business, there's a few questions to answer first, to understand how much your business could benefit - and we're here to help.

Get your SolarReturn factor