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Monitoring progress and managing your Synergy account

Energy management starts with understanding the way you use energy at home, from your hot water system and appliances to heating and cooling systems and any solar panels you might have. Once you have explored your energy consumption, you can take action to make changes to the way you use energy - and this could translate into potential savings on your electricity costs. 

In this three-part blog series, so far we’ve explored: 

Being proactive about your home energy management planning is an ongoing process. In this final part of the series, we’ll explore ways to monitor your progress and streamline your processes.


Invest in your energy future

If you love the idea of being able to track your electricity consumption in real time, you might consider investing in a Home Energy Management System (HEMS). 

Many HEMS can track the electricity consumption of each appliance in your home to help you make informed decisions about your consumption.  Some systems can analyse your electricity consumption patterns and even recommend changes, such as unplugging your kettle after breakfast or upgrading your pool pump.

HEMS can be expensive – so it’s important to consider if this is a good investment for you. 

Monitor your progress

Set a date to check back on your energy management goal and see how you’ve progressed in that time. As you continue putting your home energy management plan into action, you might adapt your habits, invest in new appliances or systems and use My Account to track your progress

For a clear idea of any changes, take a close look at your electricity bills in My Account. You can see your consumption and compare your usage to the last billing period, and for the same time last year.

Try this: For more energy management ideas, our Synergy Energy Tool can help you to discover how your major appliances impact your bill and how you could make small changes and see results. 

Streamline your Synergy account

A key part of a good energy management strategy for your home is streamlining the way you manage your Synergy account. If you’re not already using My Account, start by signing up and exploring the features you could be taking advantage of as part of your energy management plan.  

For example, you could use My Account to:

  • Choose to receive your bill by email rather than a paper copy.
  • Update your account details.
  • Set up direct debit.* 
  • Get energy tips which match your household’s energy use.
  • Check your billing history, so you can spot any trends or progress in your energy management.

* Synergy's Direct Debit Service Agreement Terms and Conditions apply. 

My Account gives you access to your electricity account at any time, from any device - so it’s a great tool to use as part of your home energy management plan.

Try this: Even if you’re already signed up to My Account, watch this short video to see how you could make the most of all the My Account features and tools.

Step into WA’s intelligent energy future

If you’re ready to take your home energy management to the next level, congratulations! Every step you take towards monitoring, managing and reducing your energy use could have an impact on your household electricity costs and your carbon footprint. 

If you’d like to learn more about energy management on a larger scale, take a look at some of the energy trials happening here in WA as our intelligent energy future comes to life.