What is inside my meter box?

Customer fuses

These fuses (usually white) provide over-current protection and operate only in response to an electrical overload or short-circuit. A licensed electrical contractor installs these fuses. If a fuse continues to blow, you should immediately call an electrical contractor – it could indicate an electrical fault.

Black Fuses

The black fuses in your meter box provide over-current installation protection and are the responsibility of the network service provider. For single-phase installations, there will only be one black fuse. Three-phase installations will have three black fuses.

The Main Switch

This is installed by your electrician and provides complete electrical isolation of your home. This switch is your responsibility and any problems should be immediately referred to a licensed electrical contractor.

Circuit breakers

These are a series of switches that provide similar overload protection as fuses. When the switch is in the 'up' position, it is on and electricity can flow. When the switch is in the ‘down’ position, it is off and electricity cannot flow. To reset the circuit breaker, simply move the switch to the ‘up’ position and power should be restored. If it continues to trip off, call a licensed electrical contractor immediately.

How to wire a fuse

White fuses usually have a number of different amperage ratings, (lighting is 8 or 10 amps, power is 16 or 20 amps). These ratings are clearly shown on each fuse holder.
Important: The fuse wire MUST NOT exceed the rating as shown on the fuse holder, beg. DO NOT put 16 amps on an 8-amp fuse. Customer fuses protect against over-current, fire or shock.

If the power goes off, check your fuses. Follow these steps to restore power:

  1. Turn off the main switch 
  2.  Pull out one fuse at a time, checking that the fuse wire is still intact (apply slight tension on fuse wire to ensure wire is not broken) 
  3.  If wire is broken, replace with same amperage fuse wire in a similar manner 
  4.  Replace the fuse and turn the main switch on

If fuse continues to blow, call a licensed electrical contractor immediately.

Locking your meter box

You may lock your meter box, provided that:

  • an approved lock is used for which the network operator (Western Power) has a master key. 
  • the enclosure door is fitted with a viewing window.