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Is solar, battery or both right for your home?

SolarReturn could work for you.

  • Save up to {{result.totalSavings}}
  • Costing between {{result.totalCost}}
  • Solar System size of {{result.KWSystem}}kW
  • Battery size of {{result.KWHSystemBattery}}kWh
  • Power output of {{result.PowerOutput}}kW

Is it right for me? Save up to {{result.totalSavings}}

Is solar, battery or both right for your home?

How much energy you use each day will help determine the right system size for your property. For example, the average household of 2-3 people in Australia consumes around 18 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day. ^

* A typical Australian house consumes around 16 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day. This means that a 1-2 kW system could displace 25-40 percent of your average electricity bill. Source: Clean Energy Council

Is it right for me? Save up to {{result.totalSavings}}.

You could be saving {{result.totalSavings}} each year*
{{slider.options.stepsArray[slider.value].replace("With a", "").replace("System","").trim()}} solar PV
{{batterySlider.options.stepsArray[batterySlider.value]}} Battery

Every year. *Calculated using the Home plan (A1) and REBS buyback rate (if applicable). It assumes 80% of system output offsets electricity use. ^ Source: Synergy solar data and Clean Energy Council data.

This is the storage capacity of the battery, with a usable value of around 80%. A depth of discharge (DoD) is set for batteries so they’re never fully drained (draining a battery to empty affects their ongoing capacity retention).

With a solar system costing between {{result.EstimatedPriceRange}}
That's for a {{slider.options.stepsArray[slider.value].replace("With a", "").replace("System","").trim()}} system

Every year. *Calculated using the Home plan (A1) and REBS buyback rate (if applicable). It assumes 80% of system output offsets electricity use. ^ Source: Synergy solar data and Clean Energy Council data.

Adding a battery costs an extra {{result.BatteryEstimatedPriceRange}}
{{batterySlider.options.stepsArray[batterySlider.value]}} Battery System.
-With a {{result.PowerOutput}}kW power output.

The battery size is the storage capacity of the battery, with a usable power output of around 80% of that value. A depth of discharge (DoD) is set for batteries so they’re never fully drained (draining a battery to empty affects its future performance and capacity retention).

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Now that you have an idea of your savings, It's up to you to decide wheather solar or solar + battery is a good fit for you now - or later the track.
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Select your system size.

That's {{result.PanelsNo}} panels

Taking up about {{result.RoofSpace}}sqm of roofspace.

What's next?

Add a battery and see how much extra you could save! Batteries allow you to store the free energy your SolarReturn system generates and use it when the sun isn't shinning so you can make a SolarReturn anytime of the day or night.

Let’s add a battery

Select your battery size or storage capacity.

Which is enough to power a 3 kW wall mounted air conditioner unit for {{selecteAirConHours}} hours.

Where will you put it?

The Fronius (our battery of choice), is unable to be wall mounted due to its size. Totalling around 40kg for the modular unit and around 15kg for each individual battery module, its placement is more safely suited to the garage floor.

Good choice! The Fronius battery is most suited to the garage floor where it’s indoors, secure, unoccupied and has sufficient space surrounding it for ventilation.

Eek…we don’t want it to overheat (or get wet!). The Fronius battery is not weather proof and is unsuitable for placement outside such as near a meter box. To comply with safety standards, the Fronius can only be installed indoors in an uninhabitable, secure place such as an enclosed garage or a well ventilated shed.

This may be okay – as long as your shed is fully enclosed, lockable, uninhabitable and has sufficient ventilation so it doesn’t overheat. It’s best to confirm with our battery experts to see if your shed is suitable.

What do you want it to do for you?

Technically, yes – but practically, no. Or at least not yet. Batteries which are built to store solar energy are not currently designed to allow you to go off grid. To be fully self-sufficient and disconnect from the grid entirely, your solar PV and battery system size would generally need to much larger to ensure it works properly across all seasons. Find out more

A battery will generally help you to reduce your energy bill. The energy your solar panels generate using the power of the sun is free and the battery will make the most of the way you use this free energy. Changing the way you use energy will have a positive effect on your overall savings. Find out more

Maybe for a few hours. A battery can’t generate electricity, it can only store it. If there is no other generation source (e.g. solar, grid or diesel generator) and your battery has been depleted, it can’t provide power until it has been recharged. Find out more

Yes, you can! This is one of the main benefits of installing a battery system. During the day, your solar panels can generate energy and your battery stores any excess generation you may have until it is fully charged (at battery capacity). Find out more

What's next?

Now that we’ve given you our recommended system sizes for solar + battery (based on your household), it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go bigger or smaller. Remember, it’s important to choose a system size which is matched to your energy consumption so you can get the most value out of your investment. Bigger isn’t always better!

Change my solar system size
It can be quite challenging to tone down energy usage at home. Many Australian households use TVs, computers and appliances on a pretty regular basis. But, with a little home DIY here and there on the weekend, and a committed attitude, you can make your home more efficient.

It’s no secret that Perth is one of the world’s sunniest cities. If you’re inside for most of the working week, you’ve probably spent some time looking outside wishing you could put all that sunshine to good use. Here’s your chance.

"We’ve really embraced Synergy SolarReturn – I’ve got my own power station on my roof. The pricing was right, the timing was right and I was practically impressed with the service. Not only am I producing energy and saving energy – but I’m saving a lot of money as well".

Kevin Eaton
Synergy SolarReturn customer

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String inverters

You know the Christmas string lights that light up as a team - or don't light up as a team? String inverters work in the same way and they are the most common type on the market. 

Don't make these four costly mistakes when using solar

What you need to consider

"We've had to be mindful of our energy usage to get the most benefit from a battery and solar combination. If you don't modify your habits, the benefit can be very short lived. Simply by doing it smarter and monitoring our Fronius dashboard, we've been able to be 67% self-sufficient on Saturday alone."

Battery storage trial in Perth case study
John Madgen
Synergy Energy Expert

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