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What is the net feed-in tariff?

Unlike REBS, which is the amount Synergy pays for electricity purchased from a customer, the net feed-in tariff is the amount the WA state government pays eligible customers for any excess solar energy they export back to the grid (in addition to REBS). This subsidy was created to encourage customers to give solar a go.

Synergy administers the subsidy on behalf of the government which is offered over a 10 year period. The net feed-in tariff scheme was open to applications from 1 July 2010 to 1 August 2011.

  • Customers who applied before 1 July 2011, receive 40 cents per unit (KWh)
  • Customers who applied after this date, receive 20 cents per unit (KWh)

If you do decide to increase your solar inverter size, you'll no longer be eligible to receive this subsidy.

Unfortunately, this scheme is no longer available to new applicants.

Read the REBS Terms & Conditions for more information (PDF 188KB)