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How much more will I save by increasing my solar system?

Just because you've chosen to receive a solar power solution from Synergy doesn't mean the energy savings have to stop there. Embracing renewable energy is the first step to reducing your power bill even further, and there are a range of options that can be scaled up or down based on the needs of your home.

How can I save more with solar power? 

Once you've got solar panels installed on the roof of your premises, the sky is the limit for the amount of energy you can save. From here, one option to consider involves increasing the size of the inverter.  
For a home that's recently expanded, this could be enough to power extra appliances that have been added. Those looking for an even larger upgrade can even add more solar panels, perfect to include in home renovations.  

What else does this affect? 

In some cases, this may change your eligibility for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme. If you still want to be part of it, you'll need to keep your system below 5 kilowatts. You'll also need to keep Synergy up to date with any changes you make. Apply through our website, and then ensure you keep Western Power and your solar supplier in the loop as the installation progresses.  
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