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What information do I need to switch to Smart Home Plan?

Firstly, you need to find out if your property has a compatible digital or electronic meter, or if you’ll need one installed. You should decide whether you would be able to take advantage of Smart Home Plan's cheaper off-peak periods.

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It's easy to switch to the Smart Home Plan online in less than 5 minutes. Just have a copy of your bill details handy...

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Once your application is received, we'll send Western Power to your property to reprogram or replace your meter so it's compatible with the Smart Home Plan. The prices for reprogramming your existing meter or installing a new compatible meter are listed below and will show up on the next bill after you make the switch. 

Meter change Price inc. GST
Meter reprogram fee (for compatible meters) $ 95.70
Meter upgrade fee $ 95.70

And if Smart Home Plan isn't working for you, you can switch back to a Synergy Home Plan® anytime.