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Cyclone Seroja Support

The Western Australian community has faced some difficult times over the past twelve months, responding to COVID-19, the Wooroloo Bushfires and most recently Ex-cyclone Seroja.

We want you to know, we’re here to help.

On 19 April 2021, the State Government announced electricity and water financial relief packages to support those affected by the devastating impacts of Ex-cyclone Seroja. For more information on the State Government announcement visit here.

Synergy continues to work with Western Power to identify those customers who have been affected by Ex-cyclone Seroja. Synergy has been working closely with the community to provide additional financial relief following Ex-cyclone Seroja.


Power outages

How will I be compensated for the lack of power?

Western Power has doubled its Extended Outage Payment from $80 to $160 for customers impacted by an outage or outages collectively exceeding 12 hours. 

For information regarding the extended outage payment, please refer to Western Power’s website.

For customers who experienced power outages greater than six weeks, the State Government announced $1,000 payments to eligible customers who were awaiting network repairs as at 24 May 2021.  

Western Power will administer these payments on behalf of State Government, with payments made from July 2021. 

This payment is in addition to Western Power's extended outage payment.  

If you believe you are eligible for this payment you can apply at Western Power's Cyclone Seroja recovery payments page. You  will need your meter number and bank details to do apply.


Supporting customers experiencing payment difficulties

Synergy understands that these are challenging times for many Western Australian customers, should you be experiencing difficulty with your bill as a result of Ex-cyclone Seroja or for any reason, please reach out to understand our range of flexible payment options, or contact us on 13 13 53.


Support for eligible customers who have lost their homes or business property:

  • An immediate suspension will be placed on your account 
  • Damaged meters on your property will be replaced at no cost
  • Any connection fees for temporary/new accommodation will be waived
  • Waiver of existing charges and debt and payment assistance options

Synergy has been contacting impacted customers to offer further support. Please be patient as we continue to work with Western Power to identify impacted customers and determine eligibility for the assistance measures.

The assistance measures we may offer will depend on our assessment of your circumstances. 

^ Damage claims will be determined by Synergy based on individual circumstances. Significant damage excludes damage to structures on the property that are not inhabited or essential to the operation of the business such as garages, shed and fences.


Small Business Cyclone Seroja Grant Scheme

The Western Australian Government has announced an assistance package to provide targeted support to small businesses impacted by Tropical Cyclone Seroja. Certain businesses in the emergency region may be eligible for a Small Business Cyclone Seroja Grant of $4000.

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