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2016 Price changes

Are residential and business electricity prices changing

Yes, the State Government has announced a 3% increase to the Home Plan (A1) residential electricity tariff for WA households.

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When will price changes come into effect?

Changes to tariffs will take effect on 1 July 2016.

Information on the changes to prices will be published on Synergy’s website in the coming weeks.

Why do electricity retail tariffs change?
The State Government undertakes annual electricity retail tariff reviews to account for any changes in the components that make up the tariff rates. These include electricity generation, transport, regulatory costs as well as the costs associated with maintaining your account. The State Government makes their decision on electricity retail tariff changes based on this review.
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How is Synergy assisting customers to manage these increases?

Synergy’s website now has a range of My Account energy management tools, giving you more control of your energy than ever before.

You can compare your energy usage with similar homes, access popular energy saving tips, track your energy usage, view your current billing information or billing history and you can access  secure payment options from any device (computer, mobile, tablet), whenever it suits you. To register for My Account visit or for great energy efficiency tips visit

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Are network access charges changing?
The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) is currently reviewing a submission from Western Power therefore there is no published information on any changes to network access charges. If the ERA approves the submission, we’ll contact you to let you know any specific impacts to your business.
What is the new network access charge?

Electricity is delivered to businesses through Western Power’s poles and wires. The network access charge covers the cost of delivering electricity from generation facilities to a customer’s business through Western Power’s poles, wires and meters.

Are gas prices likely to increase?

The ERA is still reviewing the gas distribution network access arrangement. This arrangement, among other matters, determines the amount the gas distributor, ATCO Gas Australia, charges retailers to access the reticulated gas distribution network.

We will keep you informed of any decisions relating to the gas network access charges, and how any changes may impact your business.

Why is Synergy changing prices again?
The setting of electricity retail tariffs is determined by the State Government as part of the annual State budget process.
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