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How many solar panels will I need for my business?

Your business should use as much energy as the system can generate, as this will be more beneficial for your business than exporting excess energy to the grid.  

To help figure out the right size for your business 

Your minimum daily load (generally between 12pm and 1pm) averaged out over 7 days, is a useful way to help identify the optimal system size. Easily get access to this data via My Account.

To calculate how much electricity your solar PV system might generate each day, the table below shows the results for common network connected systems in Perth 

System size 1kW 5kW 10kW 15kW 20kW 125W 30kW
Energy generated 4.4k Wh 22 kWh 44 kWh 66 kWh 88 kWh 110 kWh 132 kWh

Typically, businesses that can maximise the benefits of these systems are those using energy during peak times (usually in the afternoons on weekdays).