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How long is the warranty period for a SolarReturn system

The equipment that we use for SolarReturn products is made to last. All the solar panels and inverters that we offer come with industry leading warranty periods.

The panels...

Solar panel model Best bits Maximum wattage CEC approved? Bragging rights The nitty gritty...

Hanwha Q.Cells Q.Pro-G4.1

These are the rolls royce panels - with one of the highest efficiency ratings on the market, even on cloudy days or when shade is unavoidable.

16.2% - 16.8% efficiency

25 year linear warranty 

255w - 265w Yes 

Q.Pro-G4.1 data sheet (PDF 214kB)

Q.Pro-G4.1 Warranty (PDF 92kB)


Hanwha Solar HSL 60 S Poly

Tier 1 panels that combine excellent quality and performance with value for money. They're built to last and are one of the highest performing panels even in low light conditions.

15.6% - 16.2% efficiency

25 year linear warranty


260w - 270w

HSL 60 S Poly data sheet (PDF 418kB)

HSL60 60 S Poly warranty (PDF 418kB)


The inverters

Inverter Best bits Inverter capacity CEC approved? Bragging rights The nitty gritty

Fronius Symo Hybrid
Future proof for battery storage integration - so your ready to enjoy a solar return day and night when you're ready.

97.6% efficiency

Integrated wireless

 3 - 5kW Yes    Symo Hybrid data Sheet (PDF 1.04kB)

Symo Hybrid operating manual (PDF 2.77MB)
Fronius Symo

Super flexible, three phase inverter more suited to businesses or larger scaled solar systems up to 20kW


98.1% efficiency

Integrated wireless

 3 - 20kW  Yes    

Symo data Sheet (PDF 4.81MB)

Symo operating manual (PDF 2.20MB)


Fronius Primo

Super flexible, single phase inverter that suits more challenging installations like different roof orientations or partial shading.


97.8% efficiency

Integrated wireless

 3 - 8.2kW  Yes  
Primo data Sheet (PDF 494kB)

Primo operating manual (PDF 1.65MB)

Fronius Galvo

Smaller, single phase inverter for homes who expect to draw most of their energy from the panels instead of the grid.


96.1% efficiency

Integrated wireless

 1.5 - 3kW  Yes   Galvo data Sheet (PDF 480kB)

Galvo operating manual (PDF 4.29MB)