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2019 price changes

Will there be changes to residential and business electricity prices?
Yes, the State Government has recently announced price changes to regulated residential and business retail tariffs, including some price decreases as well as increases. For the full rundown, you can view the pricing tables at
When will these price changes come into effect?
The changes to Synergy’s tariffs will take effect on 1 July 2019. All new tariff rates are published at
Why do electricity business tariffs change?
The State Government undertakes annual electricity tariff reviews to account for any changes in the cost components that make up the regulated tariff rates. These include electricity generation, network access, regulatory costs as well as the costs associated with maintaining your account. The prices are adjusted by the State Government annually following this review.
Are gas prices likely to increase?

ATCO regulated gas charges were updated in January 2019. You would have received a communication regarding this if your business was impacted. Please contact your account manager if you would like to discuss this further.

How is Synergy assisting customers to manage these increases?

Synergy has plenty of advice and ways to help you manage your energy bill, our business energy experts will work closely with you to tailor an energy plan to suit your business needs. 

Synergy’s website also has a range of energy management tools, giving you more control of your energy than ever before through My Account.
You can view your current billing information or billing history and you can access secure payment options from any device (computer, mobile, tablet), whenever it suits you.  Register for My Account or check out our great energy efficiency tips

Synergy also has a number of business plans that provide eligible business customers with the opportunity to purchase electricity at prices that are lower than the current regulated tariffs, while benefiting from the same Synergy supply and energy expertise.

Customers can assess what option best meets their business needs and request a call back by completing the online form.

Business customers with an account manager are encouraged to discuss their options with their account manager who can suggest ways to optimise and potentially reduce their energy consumption. 

How does this impact on my investment in Solar for my business?
The non-residential REBS rate remains unchanged at 7.1350 cents per kWh.
Why has L3 and R3 daily supply charge significantly changed?

The State Government recently announced price changes for regulated electricity tariffs. As part of these changes, the daily supply charge has increased for the contestable business tariffs L3 and R3 to align with Western Power’s fixed network costs. As a result, this component of the price has increased by a greater degree than the change in variable electricity consumption charges.    

This approach was reflected in changes to the A1 residential tariff in July 2017 and other non-contestable tariffs in July 2018. 

Due to the individual daily supply charge and variable electricity consumption rate charges, the impact of the price change will vary for each customer based on consumption and the associated tariff. The impact of the price change on an average customer on the R3 tariff is estimated to be an increase of 7.14% on their total bill.*  The impact of the price change on an average customer on the L3 tariff is estimated to be an increase of 8.09% on their total bill.*

* Estimated impact only based on the average annual use for a customer on the relevant regulated tariff. Actual impact will vary depending on how the customer uses electricity. 

The changes, as announced by the State Government, will apply to customers on regulated electricity tariffs from 1 July 2019.

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