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Gas plans

Find the right gas plan for your business. Gas supply plans are available if your business spends approximately $6,400 p.a.** on gas. 

If you are a major energy user (using 1TJ or more p.a.), we would be happy to discuss a customised Gas Supply Agreement (GSA). 

2 products available

Business Gas Flexi

Take control of your gas costs with the best rate for your business

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Key features

  • Save up to 25% on standard regulated tariff rates 
  • Combine with an electricity plan and save a further 5% on gas rates*
  • Energy type


  • Terms

    Standard 24 months

  • Rate type


    Supply charge and energy rates vary with changes to Network Access prices.
  • Usage options

    Anytime flat or Anytime stepped

    A flat rate is one single rate for all units used. Stepped rates include a rate for the first 100 units and a lower rate for any units used thereafter.
  • Eligibility

    Use more than 0.5GJ of gas per day

    Your business spends more than approx. $6,400 p.a. on gas. Gas use is for business purposes only and connected to the reticulated gas network

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For a full list of Government gazetted tariffs for businesses -including gas - please refer to the Regulated tariffs section.

**Approximately 180GJ p.a. on gas. 
^ Approximately 1TJ p.a. on gas. 
* Offer applies to customers using at least 180GJ and spending up to $40,000 p.a.