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Commercial solar inverters

Your commercial solar system is only as good as the inverter you choose. Your inverter converts solar energy generated by your commercial solar panels into usable energy for your business.

Quality inverters

We use a range of premium inverters including Fronius, SolarEdge, Enphase and SMA – and our Commercial SolarReturn team can design a solution to maximise efficiency and based on your business needs.

All inverters offered by Synergy Commercial SolarReturn are:

Rated 96% to 98% for efficiency

Convert almost all of the solar energy generated by the sun into electricity for your business.

Clean Energy Council approved

Our inverters meet the required Australian Standards and are approved by the Clean Energy Council ensuring they satisfy Western Power requirements to connect to the grid.

Backed by impressive manufacturer warranties*

Get extra peace of mind for years to come.

*Refer to the manufacturer's website or product specification for information on product warranties offered by the manufacturer. Manufacturer warranties apply in addition to the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (if applicable). 

How to choose an inverter

With any investment in new equipment or infrastructure for your business, you need the right solution to give you the best return on your investment while matching your business goals. 

We’re here to help – and we recommend that you consider an inverter which can withstand Perth and WA’s sunny (and often harsh) conditions.