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Morish Nuts is an iconic Western Australian business based in the Swan Valley with retail outlets at Watertown in West Perth and the Fremantle Markets. Their range of products can be found across Australia including at special events, in luxury hotels and in a range of premium gift hamper offerings.

When the management team behind this family-owned business were looking for potential ways to reduce their overheads and introduce more sustainability into their operations, they explored the benefits offered by solar power.
In August 2020, they Synergy Commercial SolarReturn team installed a 19.98kW SolarReturn system (including 74 Q-Cells solar panels) at the Morish Nuts main premises in the Swan Valley.

Their electricity bill for the next year could be 44% less than it would be if they hadn't installed solar.* Any savings they make can now be redirected towards other costs and opportunities for their business.
It's estimated that within three years their savings from the solar energy generation will cover the cost of installing the system (we call this the 'payback period').*


Project Challenges

“The challenge that we knew our extremely brittle roof tiles would create was met head-on during installation. In the first post-installation rain storm, Luke from Synergy responded to my call for assistance on a Sunday morning of a long weekend, and had the installation crew ready to attend and follow up.”


“At Morish Nuts, every piece of equipment we have is critical. If it breaks down, particularly in production, we have a problem. When it comes to electricity, it’s no different... Taken over the year, our SolarReturn system has certainly paid dividends.”
– Archie Moroni, Owner

Project Overview




Herne Hill


17th August 2020




74 x Q-Cells Q.Power G5 270W
1 x Fronius Symo 15.0-3


Future Forecast




2.9 years

*Estimated annual bill offset and approximate payback period are indicative only based on system size, the price paid, historic consumption and electricity supply costs for the premises and current electricity tariffs.  If the consumption habits at this premise significantly change, the estimated annual bill offset and payback period will also change. 

Investing in solar energy for your business could help you to bring down your electricity costs and reduce your environmental impact. Our SolarReturn team can use their industry expertise to match the unique way your business uses electricity with a solar solution to suit your commercial needs.

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