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Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village is located in Baldivis, approximately 48km south of central Perth. The village, owned and managed by National Lifestyle Villages, offers a range of homes designed for independent living in a scenic bushland setting close to Rockingham Beach.

The facilities available to residents include a clubhouse, 50-seat cinema, pool, gym, spa, sauna, mini golf course, bowling green, internet kiosk, an arts centre and workshop area.

Running and maintaining these kinds of facilities can use a significant amount of energy at all times of year. A sewer pump station located at the village also uses a considerable amount of power. The electricity costs, particularly with a heated indoor swimming pool and the cost of heating and cooling the shared community areas indoors, could be significant when relying on only power from the grid.

When National Lifestyle Villages management was looking for ways to be more sustainable and help save on their overhead costs, they turned to Synergy for a commercial SolarReturn system.

In May 2019, a 99.82kW SolarReturn system was installed on the rooftop of the Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village. Based on the usage history at this location, potential savings are estimated at more than $35,000 per year.

# Estimated potential savings only based on system size, expected output and calculated against historic electricity supply costs based on current tariffs 


Project Challenges

Community facilities at the village, including the clubhouse, cinema, gym, indoor pool and recreation areas, are used throughout the day and night by residents. The solar installation, including the necessary power disruption, needed to be planned carefully to have a minimal impact on village life and management, so this was taken into consideration during the planning stages.



“In the end we chose Synergy because of the insight you had on our existing usage patterns, as well the security the Synergy brand brings with it. Given your relationship with Western Power and the fact you are both the energy retailer and solar supplier, the process was much more seamless than compared to when we have used 3rd party installers previously. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the products long warranty periods could actually be serviced and given Synergy is the state-owned utility we were comfortable that unlike other solar suppliers, Synergy would be around in the future to help if need be.” 
-Andrew Watkins, National Lifestyle Villages Development Manager


Project Overview


Aged Care 


Tuart Lakes






322 x QCELLS Q.Peak G4.1 310W Panels
4 x Fronius Symo 20kW Dual Tracker Inverter


Future Forecast




3.2 years

*Estimated annual bill offset and approximate payback period are indicative only based on system size, the price paid, historic consumption and electricity supply costs for the premises and current electricity tariffs.  If the consumption habits at this premise significantly change, the estimated annual bill offset and payback period will also change. 

Investing in solar energy for your business could help you to bring down your electricity costs and reduce your environmental impact. Our SolarReturn team can use their industry expertise to match the unique way your business uses electricity with a solar solution to suit your commercial needs.

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