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Senec Batteries

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, the award winning Senec range gives you the control to manage your energy needs without having to do a thing. Backed by a stand-out manufacturer warranty of up to 20 years, Senec delivers impressive performance and complete flexibility with its range of sizes and one or three phase options.

The stand-out of the range, is Senec’s newest model Home V3. Its fully integrated system means that when there’s a blackout, the unit’s two-phase emergency power supply is still able to charge the battery with the solar panels. Giving you a real ‘emergency power supply’.

Why we chose Senec...

High Efficiency

A 100% discharge rate, means you can use and recharge to maximum capacity.


Backed by a solid manufacturer warranty of up to 20 years or 12,000 recharging cycles.

Live Monitoring

The real-time monitoring app allows you to take control of your energy consumption & savings.

Back-up power

The all-in-one unit, allows you to charge the battery even when the power’s gone out.


Senec Home V2

Senec Home V3

So, what does it really

Best bits

High performing, three phase option (suited for slightly older homes) and is compatible with all solar systems.

A fully integrated, Hybrid model which combines a solar inverter, battery inverter and back-up power all in one unit.

Two high performing solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow. Depending on how your house has been set-up (single phase or three phase), you can be sure that there’s an option to take you well into the future.

The chemistry

Lithium ion 

Lithium ion Lithium batteries can store more energy in a smaller space, compared to lead acid counterparts.

Battery capacity

 2.5kWh – 10kWh

5-10kWh A wide variety of sizes to suit your PV system and lifestyle.

Depth of discharge


 100% All the battery capacity is available for you to use.

Operating temperature


5-40C Perfectly suited for hot, Australian conditions.

Integrated data portal


Yes Monitor your energy use anywhere and in real-time. 

Where can you house it?

Indoor/outdoor, floor mount

Indoor/outdoor, floor mount Complete flexibility on where you can store the battery. 


Senec Battery - V2 - Warranty Terms

Senec Battery - Warranty Terms and Conditions Australia Standard Solid manufacturer warranties to give you peace of mind that the unit will stand the test of time.

The nitty gritty

Senec V2 Battery - Technical Datasheet
Senec V3 Battery - Technical Datasheet  

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We also offer an LG Chem battery solution designed for storing energy at your home.

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