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Fronius Batteries

With a Fronius battery installed at your home, you can store excess solar power generated by your solar panels to use when the sun goes down. In fact, Fronius have a vision for the coming decades that storage technology will allow energy to be supplied like a 24-hour sun. 

Battery technology is still developing in line with this vision, but in the meantime, you can choose from our six Fronius solar battery options to help you make the most of your SolarReturn system.


Why we chose Fronius...


Fronius batteries have a long service life, short charging times and high depth of discharge.


Use one of the safest battery technologies available, giving you superior battery performance and safety at all times.


You can use real-time data to discover how much power you make, store and use – so you can track and adapt the way you use energy.


Fronius batteries come with a manufacturer warranty up to 7 years when registered online.



So, what does it really mean?

Best bits

With 6 battery sizes on offer, the Fronius battery range can be closely matched to your energy usage. It also has one of the highest performance ratings in the market currently. 

High performing solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow. Depending on how your house has been set-up (three phase-single phase), you can be sure that there's an option which will benefit you well into the future. 

The chemistry

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)

Lithium batteries can store more energy in a smaller space, compared to lead acid counterparts.

Battery capacity

 4.5kWh - 12kWh

This is the total amount of energy that can be stored in the battery

Total energy throughput

2.5kW -4.5kW
(Depending on system size)

Comes in different storage sizes, so you get better value. The bigger the battery, the more you can store.

Depth of discharge


You can use 80% of the storage – meaning your battery can be used and recharged more.

Operating temperature

0 - 45C

Suitable for Western Australian conditions.

Integrated data portal


Monitor your energy use anywhere and in real time.

Single phase/Three phase compatibility

Three phase only

Will only work with with a three phase power supply.

Where can you house it?

Indoor floor mount only

You’ll need a lockable, enclosed space (like a garage) to store.


Up to 7 years (with online registration)

A solid warranty means less stress and more savings.

The nitty gritty

Fronius Solar Battery data sheet (PDF 1.35MB) All the small print and finer, technical details around the battery system, performance and warranty.

Explore your options

We also offer an LG Chem battery solution designed for storing energy at your home.

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A few details about your home, plus a quick chat to better understand your needs - will help us figure out the best energy solution for you.

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