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Get started here...find out how much a solar solution will cost.

Synergy no longer provides solar power systems for residential customers.  If you would like to receive further information on a solar solution, enter your contact details in the below form and we will refer your details to our trusted supplier Solargain. For customer service enquiries about an existing solar system supplied by Synergy, please contact us on 1800 453 021

Find out if SolarReturn will be right for your business...

We'll take in to account your consumption history, location, usage patterns and how much you currently pay for electricity. A quick chat to better understand your business needs - will help us figure out if you will or won't better off with solar power.

Find out how much a SolarReturn energy package for your home will cost...

A few details about your home, plus a quick chat to better understand your needs - will help us figure out the best energy solution for you.

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Premium solar panels, inverters and batteries

Sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for premium components up front, to get a better return in the long run.

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If you'd prefer to talk to someone straight away, one of our SolarReturn experts are here to help you:

  • Just call 1800 453 021  - Monday to Friday between 8am - 5pm (excluding public holidays)
  • We may ask you a couple of questions about your energy usage - it helps to have a copy of your bill close by.

Maximise your solar system by adding a battery

Adding a battery to your home-grown electricity generator (that's your solar system), allows you to improve your self-consumption of the energy that you generate, so you can maximise your solar savings once the sun goes down.

Store excess power

Giving you the ability to control and store excess power

Keep your electricity on during a power outage 

Allowing you to keep your home's electricity going during a power outage (subject to battery capacity and charge)

Saving on your electricity consumptions costs

Providing you with an environmentally friendly energy solution

How does a solar battery work?

  1. The sun shines on your solar panels.
  2. Your solar panels turn this solar energy into electricity, then send it through your inverter to use to power the lights, heating and cooling systems, electrical equipment and appliances you use in your home.
  3. If your solar panels make more electricity than you use during the day at home, this is generally fed back into the electricity grid. At night, you would usually draw from the grid to power your home.
  4. If you have a solar battery, your excess power could instead be fed into your battery. Your solar battery will store electricity and charge the battery, in a similar way to how your mobile phone battery stores its electrical charge.
  5. A solar battery has an inverter which can then turn that stored solar charge into electricity for you to use when the sun goes down.
  6. Once your solar battery has been depleted, you would then draw electricity from the grid again until your solar panels are producing electricity again on the next sunny day.

Choosing your system size

When choosing your solar system, it’s important to find the right size to suit your needs. Some things to consider when choosing your system size include:

Your energy goals

Think about how much solar power you would like to be able to use at home.

Your budget

It’s important to find the right solar solution to help you make the most of your investment.

Your current electricity use

Your latest Synergy bill will show how much electricity you use.

Your roof design

Consider how much space is available for solar panels - and which way your roof faces.