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Which type of robot owner will you be?

Artificial intelligence is developing at an exponential rate. In fact, it’s estimated that we could have robots walking among us within the next 20 years.

Whatever type of robot you might end up with, we can learn one lesson from Hollywood: be nice to the robots!

In 2016, Hanson Robotics revealed its extremely life-like robot Sophia to the world at Converge tech conference in Hong Kong.

Hanson Robotics uses a patented material called Frubber (think ‘flesh rubber’) which imitates real human muscles and skin so the robots can look and act more like humans. 

Among Sophia’s many skills, she can hold conversations, crack jokes and imitate human emotions. She even completed an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

There’s no question artificial intelligence is advancing, the practical implications are huge and movies and TV series love to show us what our world could be like. The question is - what kind of robot could make your life easier in the future?