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The toaster arrived in modern homes from the 1920s, the microwave oven became popular in the 1970s and smart TVs are now standard in millions of homes across Australia. Every decade brings a new wave of innovation in home appliances – and there’s so much more to come.

The Internet of Things is expanding, connecting billions of appliances and objects to the internet and making our lives more automated and even more streamlined. Here’s a sneak peak of 15 appliances you might welcome into your home in the not-too-distant future.

3. A smart fridge

Running low on in milk? Don’t worry, your fridge will have it covered. It will notice when your milk (or other) supplies are low and add these items to your digital shopping list. Interactive screens will also allow you to find your favourite recipes, download your meal plans or watch motivational videos to keep you away from that hidden stash of chocolate.

4. A robot chef

There are already some pretty clever cooking appliances on the market – but a robotic chef (about the size of a slow cooker) will be able to handle the process from start to finish for you*.

5. Kitchen garden

If you’re loving the resurgence of indoor plants, you might love growing your own herbs and vegies in your self-contained, self-watering kitchen garden. If anything gets out of balance, you’ll get an alert on your phone to let you know what you need to do.

6. A Tidy-up robot

Even a decade ago, the idea of a robot vacuum seemed like something from a sci-fi movie. The next level of robotic helper in development will be able to pick up and put away objects and operate some of your other appliances at the touch of a button or voice command.

7. Wearable tech

If you’ve already got a smart watch, you’re one step closer to the future. The next level of wearable tech will be able to interact with compatible devices. You’ll be able to turn off the lights, open your garage door start your car and then choose your music with just a flick of your wrist*.

8. Security Drones

Let your guard dog relax at night while your mini drones patrol your home. If they spot anything suspicious, they will be able to send you an alert and video footage of what they’ve found. Image source:

9. Interactive Glass

While you brush your teeth with your digital toothbrush, you’ll be able to check the weather, watch a video or update your social networks, all thanks to your interactive mirror.


10. Smart (and helpful) home systems

One day, your air-conditioner and other systems will be able to tell you how you can put them to best use at certain times of day – and when you’re using up more power than you usually would.

11. Connected home controls

Light switches may go the way of the video recorder soon. We’re all moving towards smart lighting which comes on when its needed, turns off when you leave the room and knows your preferences.

12. A digital toothbrush

Your future toothbrush will know more about the inside of your mouth than your dentist. You’ll be able to set it to brush the way you like it with personalised settings for time and pressure. It can tell you if you’re brushing too hard – or not hard enough – and record all the information about your dental habits for you to share with your dentist. Image source:

13. Smart toilets

Erm, yes. Certain business just got real. Smart toilets have already hit Japan and we’ll see even more toilet tech to come with touchscreens, music and interactivity. Your toilet could become a vital piece of health tech, performing data analysis and alerting you to any potential health issues. Image source:

14. Voice controlled TV

“I wish I could watch a show that’s as good as…[insert name of the last Netflix series you binge-watched].” A missing remote control will be a problem of the past when our TVs recognise and respond to our voice commands. Image source:

15. Voice controlled everything!

Amazon’s Alexa is already here. Like Siri for the home, she can respond to voice controls to interact with appliances, play music, set a timer and even have a conversation. The more Alexa, and similar tech, gets used, the smarter it gets. *Image source: Giphy

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