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We asked John to share his experience as part of our home battery trial pilot program. Here are some of the insights gleaned from John’s trial of the system he nicknamed ‘Berther.’ 

First-hand experience matters 

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding around how batteries actually work,” wrote John. “I certainly didn't have the knowledge before I started this trial. One of the things we learned that excess solar energy charges the battery, then feeds into the grid before the battery drains as it is used.” 

Changing household behaviour can have a big impact 

No surprises here for John, but changing his behaviour allowed him to use the battery power more efficiently. “On the hot weekend it took us two hours to discharge it as we used 'Berther' to run the air conditioner to cool the house down. Then we played it differently… cooling the house for a few hours whilst letting the battery recharge, before turning it back on.” 

John found just making this change meant that he could get a few more hours of use from his battery. 

“Learning how the battery functions at its best has certainly been an interesting process. We've had to be mindful of usage to get the most benefit from a battery and solar combination… simply doing it smarter we were able to be more self-sufficient on Saturday.” 

“To ensure we're using energy wisely, we're following the Synergy energy suggestion plans and have set the air conditioner at a higher temperature and to come on during the day. This helps to use less energy at night. We've only experienced a small number of days were the battery has been completely depleted. Generally, there is some capacity left each morning.” 

Like John, the potential savings are real 

“I've tracked my power bills over the past six years and previously our December bill has averaged $260.00. Now the battery is installed, this December our bill was only $19.70! You can imagine our surprise, as we've never had a bill as low as 92 per cent of our normal bill cost… The effectiveness of the battery is far better than I expected.” 

When the milder December weather was replaced by the hotter conditions of January and February, John’s energy cost projections looked to be at least 70 per cent cheaper than the previous six year average. 

Overall, John has enjoyed learning more about how his Fronius system works. He has also been experimenting with ways to get the most out of it. He used the Fronius app to monitor his use and our See and Save application to look at forecast cost estimations. 

“In my view, high energy users will greatly benefit from combining solar and battery.”

Do you know how much could be saving with solar?

The average Aussie household could save up to $706 a year on electricity with a 2 KW SolarReturn system alone. Think about the future size of your bill, with batteries just around the corner.

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