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We're building a sustainable future for WA. Testing the world’s leading renewable energy solutions in WA and using new technology to create a more efficient business that serves you better.

It's been part of our DNA for over 30 years - building many Australian firsts along the way, including

Australia's first utility-scale solar farm at Greenough River

Australia's first commercial wind farm built in 1987 at Esperance

Australia's first community energy storage trial at Alkimos

Our renewable energy future at a glance

Along the way, we’re working with local communities and businesses to make sure we create a commercially responsible energy future that will meet the needs of our future generations.

Now we’re investigating how to increase the amount of energy we generate using renewable sources, as we move towards a cleaner, more efficient energy system. You’ll see our plans come to life over the next 3 years as we:

Energy tool

Check out our interactive calculators and tips and to learn more about how you use energy at home.

Compare and save

Solar finance*

Learn how our contacts at Macquarie might be able to help make your solar power more affordable

Save with solar sooner

Solar community fund

Discover how solar power is making a big difference to some fantastic not-for-profit organisations across WA.

Find out more

Alkimos Beach Energy Trial

See how innovative technology is putting the sun to work for homes in our Australian-first trial in Alkimos Beach.

Explore the big battery