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Even if you live on traffic-free Rottnest you’re probably close to a network of roads, paths and cycleways which bear the full force of the sun for most of the day, over most of the year. After all, we’re a sunny state and Perth is a city with around 300 days of sunshine every year.

Now, imagine if all of our roads, paths and cycleways were made from solar panels. They would be able to turn all of that sunshine into electricity. 

As this Solar Roadways video from the US puts it, this would mean no more concrete and asphalt just sitting there, baking in the sun and needing to be repaired and maintained on a large scale. 

Moving forward on solar bike paths

In Poland, in a park near the town of Lidzbark Warminski, a solar bike path has been installed by a European engineering company. It’s made out of blue luminophores, chemicals which charge in the sun and can glow for up to 10 hours in the dark. 

The path is still in the testing phase but it’s an exciting sign of things to come – and it’s easy to imagine this kind of technology being put to good use here in Perth.  

So what might these look like in Perth? We’ve pulled together an artist’s interpretation of possible locations this technology could be applied in our town. 

Kings Park solar bike path
Rottnest with solar bike path
There’s always the question of the cost and durability of this technology but the idea that roads could harness the power of the sun to create energy is really exciting.

The technology is still in really early stages of development but if this kind of innovation could be implemented on a mass scale, it could very well change the future of electricity generation.

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