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WA's Electricity Industry

Here you can discover everything you need to know about electricity. What exactly is it? Who is responsible for generating it? Why is it something we need? How does Synergy price its services? These are all be answered below.

About electricity

Find out all about electricity, including what it is, how it is created and why it exists.

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How electricity gets to you

Synergy's customers are the destination for electricity. Find out how the journey begins.

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Breakdown of a typical electricity bill

Just because creating electricity can be complicated, doesn't mean the pricing has to be. Here's Synergy's guide to measurement and cost.

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New Electricity Tariff Prices

The state government recently announced changes to regulated electricity retail tariffs from 1 July 2017.

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We now have the power to power ourselves.

Thousands of WA residents have already made the shift to generating at least part of their own power, through solar panels and other emerging technologies.
Our SolarReturn systems are matched to your use, so you won’t be paying for extra capacity that you don’t need. A 3KW SolarReturn system costs between $4,500 to $6,500 and can save you up to $1089 each year *. 

Find out how much a SolarReturn energy package for your home will cost.

Our solar experts will help you crunch the numbers and match your electricity use to the solar package that perfectly suits your home.

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Explore more of the future of energy today... because tomorrow can't wait.

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