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The convenience of commercial solar panels can come at a cost to your business – and that’s not just the price of the system itself. A rushed job from an inexperienced or unprepared solar supplier could result in damage to your building, long delays or unexpected disruptions to your business operations.

Our Synergy SolarReturn team is here to help keep disruption to your business to a minimum before, during and after the installation process. We understand that time can equal money in your business – and we want to make sure your business can enjoy the benefits of solar power sooner, without the hassle.

Expect some disruption – but this can be managed

It’s worth being wary of any solar panels supplier who promises there will be no disruption to your business operations at all. 

The installation process involves shutting down the power, laying down tools and supplies and commissioning the inverter – so at least minor disruptions are to be expected. With the right team, these disruptions can be planned and kept to a minimum. 

The impact your commercial solar system installation will have on your business depends on a number of factors, including the size of your system, the time of year, your usual business hours and the type of business you’re running. It may be worth finding a supplier who will take the time to learn about your business operations and plan around your needs, to get the best results for your business.


We make it our business to know your business

When you choose a commercial solar supplier with the right experience, data and expertise, you’re more likely to enjoy the smoothest-running solar installation and after-sales experience.

With our SolarReturn team, everything starts with the way you run your business. We’ll start by visiting your site to understand your operations, including the way you use power in your business and how your use changes throughout the day and the week. 

By learning about how you run your business, we can plan your solar panel installation around your business hours as far as possible. For example, if your busiest production times are during the week, we might recommend installation on a Saturday morning so you can have your power switched off outside of your busiest times while your new system is being commissioned.


Every solar installation is different, so we plan for your business

As a commercial solar customer, you’ll be allocated a dedicated project manager. This person will work closely with you to manage every stage of the project, plan for any disruptions and share a clear timeline with you. 

Your project manager will also work with you to find an area for our installation team to lay down their equipment on your premises in the most convenient and suitable location as possible. Safety is our priority at all times.


We know how to expect the unexpected

When you choose a Synergy SolarReturn system for your commercial solar power, you’ll know what to expect at every stage of the process. Your project manager will also let you know about any changes which might need to be made to your supply and installation schedule, for example if there were dangerous weather conditions forecast for the planned installation day.

Our solar experts are here to make sure you get the solar system you need – and that your panels are installed safely, correctly and in a way that causes the least disruption to your business operations as possible.


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