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At Synergy, we’re working with the state government and a range of energy partners to find new ways to help WA move into an intelligent energy future.

Virtual Power Plants - or VPPs  - will play a starring role in this future, and WA is in the perfect position to help progress the world’s approach to energy. Here’s why WA could be such a Very Important Player in the world of VPPs.

So. Much. Sun.

Not only do we have incredible landscapes and those photogenic quokkas in WA, but our capital has an average of around eight hours of sunshine per day, year-round.

Sunshine serves a VPP very well. Why? A VPP can be made of connected solar and battery systems which all work separately but can also help each other out, distributing power as demand changes across the grid.

WA loves solar power

Across our sunny state, almost one in three houses has solar panels. More than half of our schools have solar panels and the number of businesses interested in commercial solar seems to be growing rapidly.

The AEMO (that’s the Australian Energy Market Operator) and CSIRO estimates that the number of people investing in solar in across Australia will grow by another 50% in the next decade.

All of this solar power love increases the possibility of VPPs being used across WA to make use of the solar energy being generated, to provide a stable and flexible power supply.

WA loves learning about new energy

We know we’re different here in WA – and our curious minds are keen to explore the opportunities this can bring in terms of new energy and technology to power our homes, workplaces and shared spaces.

WA is home to a range of energy trials – and there’s much more to come in the future.