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There can be several reasons you might receive a higher electricity bill than expected. Of course, the change of weather is a common one, or you may have recently installed a pool, added a new appliance, be working from home more or have a new addition to the family!

Any of these factors could lead to using a little more electricity than usual.

Here are some ideas to consider to help you manage your current bill, prepare for your future bills and try to save on your future energy costs.

Reach out if you need to

If you think you’ll have trouble paying your next bill, we’re here to help. It’s a good idea to get in touch with us before the due date on your bill, if you can. We might be able to arrange a payment extension or payment plan, depending on your situation.

Start now to save sooner

The best time to start saving energy is now! Making a few small changes in your household – such as switching off your standby power – could help to make a difference to your next bill.

Change how you pay

Consider switching to Direct Debit and pay by instalments. This can help you put small, manageable, amounts towards your electricity account, so you can avoid paying one larger amount every two months.

Make the most of solar

Sidenote: Having solar power isn’t a guarantee that your bill won’t spike. For example, if you switch on your air-conditioner after work, this is when your solar panels are slowing down production for the day, so you’ll likely draw more electricity from the grid which will add to your bill.

If you do have solar power, it could be worth changing how you use energy during the day. For example, you might start using your washing machine and dishwasher only during the day when the sun is shining. This will help you make the most of your solar energy production and may reduce the amount of power you draw from the electricity grid.

Take on a household challenge

Call a house meeting and work out how you can all cut back on your electricity use. You could plan to put any savings towards your future bills or a fun reward to share in your household.

Brainstorm some creative ways you might be able to save energy. For example, you could decide to have a regular “switch off” night and play board games without using appliances, your TV or other plug-in devices.

If you live with house mates, check out our no-stress guide to a share house electricity bill for more ideas.

Learn more about your bill

The more you know about your bill, the easier it might be to manage your energy account. Understanding why your bill might be higher could help you prevent a higher bill next time.

Take a tour of your house

Walk around your home and consider how you use energy in each room – and what actions you could take to reduce the amount you use. For example, there are some simple swaps you could make to try to save energy in your home office, such as changing the type of lighting or office equipment you use.

Getting a higher bill than you were expecting is not ideal – but introducing a few of these energy saving hacks into your home could help you to take control of your energy use. For more energy-saving ideas, try our Energy Tool.