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Many people dream of a sunshine-drenched retirement – but Synergy customers Lee and Brian took things one step further. This couple decided it was time to make a lifestyle change when they found themselves nearing retirement and facing electricity bills of around $600 every two months.

Instead of moving from their two-storey family home complete with a pool and three fridges, they decided to put the sun to work for them.

According to Lee, they had thought about solar and the high cost of their bills encouraged them to take the next step. “We’re looking into transitioning into retirement, that’s a big overhead we don’t want to worry about money for – so that’s where we thought, let’s look into solar,” she said.


Why they were hesitant to choose Synergy – but why they’re glad they did

Lee confessed they weren’t initially keen to consider Synergy’s SolarReturn because they didn’t feel comfortable going with a supplier who had the monopoly of providing electricity to the majority of Perth.

After extensive research, they spoke with a trusted friend who worked in the renewable energy industry. Their friend recommended Synergy and told them:

  • Other companies don’t use quality products and equipment.
  • Many other solar suppliers no longer exist.

In fact, more than 700 solar companies have gone out of business in Australia since 2011.

Buoyed by their friend’s enthusiasm for his own solar supplier, Lee contacted the Synergy SolarReturn team. “They went through everything on the phone and within ten minutes I had an email from them,” she said.

After sharing their needs with the SolarReturn team, Lee and Brian agreed that JinkoSolar panels with built-in optimisers were the right choice for them.

“When the Synergy team arrived [on installation day], it was a delightful experience. They worked really well as a team. It was just a really good experience… Sure, they’re more expensive than the other companies, but when you actually see what these guys do, you know why.”

It’s estimated that Lee and Brian will be able to save around $1,670*  per year on their typical electricity bill.

“We’re both really happy we finally took the plunge – and really happy about the experience we’ve had by deciding to go with Synergy.”


Find out more about SolarReturn

To find out how much you could save with solar, try our Energy Tool. If you’re ready to take the first step towards solar power at your home, learn more about SolarReturn.


* Estimated savings are based on the current Home plan (A1) tariff and the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) rate (if applicable) and with system size 6.62kW. Estimates assume 80% of the system output offsets electricity consumption and 20% is exported. Actual savings will vary based on typical consumption, system size, individual circumstances and the way energy is used.

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