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You might know Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla the company – but did you know the company itself was named after inventor Nikola Tesla?

Born in 1856, Tesla was an electrical engineer who created the alternating-current (AC) electrical system we use around the world today. Some of Nikola Tesla’s other inventions included:

  • Electric motors – He invented an electric motor in 1888 – and now the ‘Tesla’ electric car is one of the leading models of EVs around the world.
  • The remote control – This was first showcased with a radio-controlled boat at Madison Square Garden in 1898.
  • Neon lighting – The ones he launched in 1893 look very similar to the ones still used today.

Einstein once called him the 'the smartest man alive'.

While Nikola Tesla died in 1943 but his work continues to influence some enormous changes in technology across the world, including in the energy industry.

Our role in the Tesla Forum of WA

In 2017, we sponsored the Tesla Forum of WA through the 2017 Tesla Expo. It was a showcase of ideas and innovations inspired by Nikola Telsa. 

The forum fell over Tesla’s birthday, 10 July, so we chose this day to a free screening of the Tesla documentary Tower to the People. Tickets to this event were booked out in a matter of days, which led us to move to a larger cinema!

Our focus on the future is inspired by learning from the past, including celebrating major contributions to the world in the fields of science and engineering of electrical energy. We look for opportunities to promote science and innovation in the WA community – and we’re also working to inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

The Tesla Expo is set to return to Perth and we intent to support the event again. At this stage it looks as though it will be held in 2021 – we’ll keep you up to date!

Why not check out and download one of the dot-to-dot Nikola Tesla Inventions flyers that we had at the Tesla Forum.