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Solar & renewables

Installing a small-scale renewable energy system such as solar or wind is the green alternative to taking control and reducing your electricity bill.

It also demonstrates to your customers and staff, your commitment to supporting a sustainable environment and reducing your business's carbon footprint.

Turning to solar or wind or combining solar with battery storage, can be a great investment that pays for itself over time. How businesses use energy varies across industries but not all businesses will benefit financially.

Your payback can be impacted by a number of factors including when your business consumes the most energy, your ability to house the right sized systems for your usage and the impact to any discounted rates based on volume.

Connect your system to the grid

Apply to Synergy to get your reference number

Simply complete the Renewable Energy Systems application form. Have a copy of your bill, your solar system size and your installer's contact details handy.

Ready to get started?

Have the following details handy:

  • Synergy account number 
  • Energy supply address
  • Phone number
  • Meter number
  • Solar installer's contact details
  • Solar system size
Apply to Synergy

Apply to Western Power to connect to the grid

Using your reference number, your solar installer needs to apply to connect your system to the Western Power grid. We’ll be notified upon approval and if you qualify for REBS.

Ready to connect to the grid?

Have the following details handy:

  • Synergy reference number
  • Energy supply address
  • Phone number
  • Meter number
  • Solar installer's contact details
  • System type, make, model & size
Apply to Western Power

Install your system

Western Power will leave a friendly note in your meter box when your meter has been changed or re-programmed.

Once you get that, your solar supplier can install your solar system. All done! It's time to start saving.

System installed?

That's it you're done!

It's time to start saving.

Happy days.

Get in touch with our energy experts

From electricity to gas to renewable energy and energy services - our dedicated account management team will tailor a flexible, competitive energy solution to suit your unique business needs.

Andrew Williams

Retail Education, Health & Government

With over 15 years’ experience in account management and business development, Andrew puts a strong focus on relationship management.

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Gary Petersen

Heavy Industry

Gary’s 25 years’ experience in the WA energy market has seen him successfully negotiate gas and electricity contracts in this highly competitive market.

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Graeme Ross

Heavy Industry, Telecommunications & Government

Graeme has been in the energy industry for over 12 years and has extensive knowledge of both gas and electricity.

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