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Gas plans

Find the right gas plan for your enterprise. The right plan will depend on the annual gas expenditure for each business.

For smaller premises using between $6,400** and $40,000^ per year, a regulated tariff may also be suitable.

2 products available

Business Gas

Lock in your rates & your discount with a Synergy Gas Plan

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Key features

  • Save up to 25% on standard tariff rates and enjoy no rate changes for 2 years
  • Combine with an electricity plan and save a further 5% on gas rates*
  • Energy type


  • Terms

    Standard 24 months

  • Rate type


    Fixed gas rates and supply charges for the term of your plan.
  • Usage options

    Anytime flat or Anytime stepped

    A flat rate is one single rate for all units used. Stepped rates include a rate for the first 100 units and a lower rate for any units used thereafter.
  • Eligibility

    Use more than 0.5GJ of gas per day

    Your business spends more than approx. $6,400 p.a. on gas. Gas use is for business purposes only and connected to the reticulated gas network

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For a full list of Government gazetted tariffs for businesses -including gas - please refer to the Regulated tariffs section.

**Approximately 180GJ p.a. on gas. 
^ Approximately 1TJ p.a. on gas. 
* Offer applies to customers using at least 180GJ and spending up to $40,000 p.a. 

Sales agreements or business plans - which one's right for our business?

Electricity and Gas Sales Agreements are designed specifically for sites with commercial or industrial energy requirements, whilst Synergy Business Plans offer great deals for businesses that have a medium to large sized energy requirement.

We're here to help you find the best fit for your businesses. Simply call 1800 730 265.

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