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In the UK, US and across Europe, electric vehicles – or EVs – are big business. There’s even talk that the gradual adoption of EVs could be the biggest thing to happen on roads since more people started choosing automatic over manual transmission.

If you have a company car, or a fleet of them, switching to an EV might not be as far into the future as you imagine. As the technology improves and the variety of designs increases, you’ll soon be spoiled for choice.

We’ll have first-hand reports on the impacts of EVs in business fleets soon with the first EV being added to our Synergy corporate fleet. You might have seen one of the Western Power hybrid vehicles driving next to you around Perth – and we’re expecting more businesses and government agencies will follow.

Here’s why you might consider an EV for your next company car.

Take more control over costs

If you’re tired of the impact fluctuating fuel prices can have on your bottom line, an EV can give you more control. The initial purchase price of an EV may be more than a conventional car of the same size, but switching to a completely electric vehicle means saying goodbye to the fuel pump forever. If you choose a hybrid, you’ll still use some fuel but your costs will be dramatically cut. If your cars tend to run predictable routes, you can take further control and schedule when and where your electric vehicles will charge to make the most of their driving range.

Enjoy the same levels of safety with less maintenance

EVs need to meet the same stringent safety guidelines as conventional cars, which means they need to be maintained. The great thing is, the maintenance costs should be much lower. Tires and suspension will be the main things to watch, but the engine will be covered by a new car manufacturer’s warranty and you won’t need to worry about a tune-up or oil change.

Boost your corporate responsibility

If you recycle your print cartridges, coffee pods and old laptops, you’re already making a difference. Adding EVs to your fleet gives you the chance to take your commitment to helping the environment one giant step further. Different types of EV have different benefits but any option will cut your greenhouse gas emissions, especially if you charge yours using renewable energy sources. That’s good for the planet – and good for your brand. 
If you’ve thought about an EV for your business, you might already know that Perth has the infrastructure in place to support your business EV. There are hundreds of charging stations across Perth and WA. You’ll find them in car parks, shopping centres and other locations. If you like to work with the latest in technology and sit at the cutting edge of your industry, switching to an EV could be a cost-effective and exciting way to move your business into the future.