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SolarSAVER Competition

Synergy #SolarSaver competition Want to win $500 off your Synergy energy bill? Simply head to the Synergy Facebook page and tell us which #SolarSaver energy tip you’d use to get the most out of your solar panels. Entries can be submitted via wall post or commenting on the competition post at

Maximising Your Solar Investment

Solar power is a great way to generate your own clean energy at home, however it is important to consider the behaviour changes that will allow to you optimise your savings potential. Check out some of these great tips to ensure you get the most out of your solar investment!

SolarReturn for Business: Myths and Misconceptions

Solar power is a poster child of clean energy; fields of blue panels shining in the sun would seem to show that we don't need to rely on traditional forms of energy. Just recently, an Ipsos study of 1,197 Australians found that many were in favour of solar power, whether that was small installations at home or large-scale facilities. But, there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding this energy - and it's time to clear them up.

4 costly mistakes businesses should avoid when using solar

You've likely heard about the benefits of solar power; the energy source that means you can generate your own clean power for your business. According to the Clean Energy Council, over 15,000 businesses across Australia have already installed solar to improve their bottom line As with any new technology, however, it's easy to make mistakes when using solar. Let's take a look at the top four.

What to expect on installation day

You've done the research, obtained a quote, confirmed a supplier and decided to progress with installing solar PV for the home. The next step is to book in a date for the team from Synergy to come and install the solar panels. Read on for a run down of what you can expect on installation day.

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