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Heatwave hacks for sleeping in the heat

Heatwave hacks for sleeping in the heat

The next few days will be heating up- and hot days in WA usually also mean, hot nights.

If you’re trying to keep costs down by not using the air con, and are really struggling to get a good night’s sleep, try these handy (and cost effective) tips to help you sleep through these balmy nights!

1. Cool your pillow case

A quick and easy alternative to cranking up the air conditioner is to toss your pillowcase in the fridge for just a few minutes before bedtime. Cool fabric may allow for a refreshing change when you lay down your weary head!

TIP- Take your pillow case OFF the pillow, and pop it in a plastic bag before putting in the fridge… Pillows and last night’s spaghetti don’t mix! 

2. Choose cotton or bamboo bedsheets and linen

Cotton sheets are the coolest option for warm nights. Save those silk or wool sheets for winter. There is nothing worse than tossing and turning with the bedsheets due to the heat. Cotton is breathable and light, and can allow for airflow and ventilation. 

3. Open a window

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a couple of open windows can make when there is a breeze. Open the window to the bedroom before going to bed so the room can cool down.  Of course, only leave this room unattended if you have the option to ensure the window is locked and secured. 


4. Sleep unplugged

Literally, switch off the computer in the corner, or the TV at the wall. Unplug that laptop if it’s already charged, small appliances give off heat even when they’re in standby mode, so switch off at the wall when they’re not being used. 

5. Take a lukewarm shower before bed

Taking a lukewarm shower before bed can allow for your body temperature to regulate to a comfortable level. A cold shower however, might cause your body to raise its core temperature after the shock of the cold water- to stay cool at night, lukewarm is best before bed.   

6. Stay hydrated

Specifically, drink water in the evenings and avoid caffeinated products before bed such as soft drink, coffee and tea. 

7. Eat right

Switch to lighter or raw meals for dinner. Your body can produce metabolic heat when breaking down heavy protein meals such as burgers and steaks, so switch to light salads, or vegetables for dinner on really hot nights.

We certainly hope these heat hacks help you get a better night sleep! For more energy saving tips to get you through the next few days, check out our article on Energy Saving Tips for the Summer period.