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2017 World Renewable Energy Congress

Synergy was excited to have the opportunity to sponsor and participate in the 16th World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC), hosted by Murdoch University in Perth this week.

Featuring an impressive international guest list of academics and industry experts, the conference explored technologies, global and local trends, policies, opportunities and barriers associated with its theme, “Transition Towards 100% Renewable Energy”.

Key topics ranged across the innovation chain from R&D to commercialised technologies including micro-grids, biofuels, and electric vehicles. Speakers underscored the importance of collaboration across research institutions, policy makers, regulators, entrepreneurs and the commercial sector.

Synergy’s GM commercial, Stephanie Unwin, opened the final speaking day, discussing the future of large scale renewable energy in WA. She explained that:

  • There is the potential for as much as 1GW of large scale renewable capacity to be built in the SWIS by 2030;
  • Small scale distributed energy resources (such as rooftop solar) will play an equally important role in WA’s intelligent energy future; and
  • The challenge for Synergy is to optimise the growth and integration of both, for the benefit of WA consumers.

It concluded on Thursday with a tour of Rottnest Island to learn about plans to increase the island's renewable mix from 30% to 45% with the addition of a new 600kW solar farm to the island’s iconic wind turbine.