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State Government announces changes to electricity tariffs 2019

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Today, the State Government announced a 1.75 percent increase to household electricity tariffs effective from 1 July 2019.  The setting of electricity tariffs is determined by the State Government as part of the annual state budget process.

The changes include all regulated electricity tariffs, including the Home Plan (A1) electricity tariff for WA households. 

The A1 tariff includes:

  • a fixed daily supply charge which contributes towards the cost of building and maintaining a safe and reliable electricity network for the benefit of all users
  • a variable consumption charge which is charged per unit (one kilowatt hour) and contributes towards the costs of generating and retailing the electricity that is used.

The increase of 1.75% will apply equally to both the fixed and variable charge. The new electricity tariffs can be viewed here.

Synergy is now working to implement State Government’s changes to electricity tariffs, fees and charges and will begin communicating these price changes to our customers in the coming weeks.

We're committed to assisting our customers manage tariff increases by providing energy efficiency information and by continuing to assist those people facing genuine financial hardship: