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Our teams

Synergy provides electricity to more than one million Western Australians, from generation to supply; we have a whole range of employment opportunities to suit a variety of skills and talents.

To ensure the delivery of electricity and gas is reliable and hassle free, we pride ourselves on recruiting WA’s best and brightest employees across all areas. Below are just some of the areas in which we recruit.


Ever wanted to create something? Join Synergy’s Generation team which is responsible for generating power and maintaining our generating plant. From power station controllers to safety advisors, our Generation team works together to manage Synergy’s generating assets in a safe and supportive environment.

Meet Chris

Role: Graduate Mechanical Engineer

Typical Day: A typical day at work involves working with our maintenance team to respond to plant breakdowns and reliability improvements. I also prepare business cases for long term improvement projects.

Fav thing about your job? I love the unexpected and different challenges that occur on a daily basis.

Favourite food? Banana bread!!


If communicating is your specialty, then Synergy might have an opportunity for you. Our retail team includes marketers, customer service operators, sales people, consultants and more. They work closely with the commercial team which drives Synergy’s strategic objectives. Corporate services such as legal, risk management, and environmental governance  also fit in here, and finally ICT professionals are included to ensure customers have a positive experience at every touch point! 

Meet Anthony

Role: Business Product Coordinator

Typical day: I work closely with our Product Managers and Segment Manager and other departments to help support and deliver Synergy's marketing plan to our business customers. Leading up to full retail contestability that has meant working on exciting new business products and making sure that these can be smoothly integrated into the business.

Fav thing about your job? All the different people I get to work with every day, and that we are coming up with brand new products that provide value to our business customers!

Which actor would play you in a movie? Matt Damon


Are you a master in negotiations? Synergy’s Wholesale Business Unit may be right up your alley. The Wholesale Business Unit is responsible for optimising Synergy's wholesale electricity portfolios to meet the needs of our wholesale customers. This includes Synergy’s Retail Business Unit (RBU) and external third parties. WBU is legislatively ring-fenced and this allows it to act as the 'broker' between Synergy's retail and generation divisions, as well as the rest of the electricity market. 

Meet Dominic

Role: Energy Trading Analyst, WBU

Typical Day: I share responsibility for the day to day management of Synergy’s energy portfolio (gas, gas transportation, electricity and renewable energy).

Fav thing about your job? It constantly makes my brain hurt! Trying to ascertain the financial incentives behind sometimes confusing changes to competitor behaviour can be challenging. But is often very rewarding when you crack the problem and develop a strategy to respond.

What is your dream holiday? To follow the ancient silk road trade route from China to Turkey.


Finally we have a couple of departments which encapsulate all of the above. These areas work across the whole business to ensure all areas are supported.

The Finance team who include financial planners, analysts and procurement, and the ever important people and culture team ensure business success through human resource support, ensuring our employees are looked after and supported every step of the way.

Meet Suzanne

Role: Regulation and Compliance Officer

Typical day: No two days are the same as we provide support to the entire business.  We help with everything from interactions with customers to providing advice on requirements for new products and everything in between.

Fav thing about your job? It's a great feeling when I think I've given a really good piece of advice and/or I've come up with a great solution for someone in the business. Nerdy, but true.  

Are you a tea or coffee person? Coffee. Lots of coffee.