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Renewable Energy Systems

Installing a small-scale renewable energy system such as solar or wind can help your business not only substantially reduce its electricity consumption, but also make a visual statement that you’re helping the environment by utilising renewable energy sources.

Electricity that is produced by a renewable energy system can be used by your business, meaning that you will use less power from the grid, leading to real cost savings on your power bill.

Applying to install a renewable energy system up to 30 kW

There are three main steps you will need to follow to install a renewable energy system for your business. If your planned system size is over 30 kW contact our customer experience team on 1300 859 333 or

1. Fill out a Synergy renewable energy system application form

Simply download the Renewable Energy System Application Form, fill out all the details, and send this back to Synergy. Once we receive a completed form we will advise you of your retailer reference number* which is required by Western Power for step two of the application process.

*Reference number valid for 90 days. If you have not applied to Western Power for technical approval by 90 days you will need to send us another renewable energy system application form.

2. Apply to Western Power for technical approval

In order to connect your renewable power system to the Western Power network, you’ll need to complete the ‘application to connect embedded generation to the Western Power network’. For this to be accepted by Western Power a valid retailer reference number must be included.

Once your system application is approved by Western Power, which can take up to
30 days, Synergy will arrange for a meter change or reprogram to take place at your business. A meter change or reprogram fee will apply. More information on getting your system technically approved can be found on the Western Power website.

3. Renewable energy system supplier completing your installation once
bi-directional metering is installed

Once Western Power have changed or re-programmed your meter, your installer can proceed with installing your new renewable energy system. Once the system is connected you can begin to enjoy the benefits of using power generated from a renewable source and a reduced Synergy bill.

Upgrading your renewable energy system

In the future, if you choose to upgrade your inverter capacity you will have to submit a new Renewable Energy System application form to Synergy. Any changes to inverter capacity will require approval by Synergy and Western Power prior to making changes. Please refer to the steps 1-3 above.

Application forms and related documents

Renewable Energy System Application Form

If you have any questions relating to installing a renewable energy system give our the business customer service centre a call on 1300 859 333 or email

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