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  • Q: What is MAX?

  • Max, your in home display, is a small, portable and wireless device that allows you to:

    • View your current household electricity use
    • Track your indicative electricity consumption and associated costs over time
    • Test the consumption and costs of operating individual devices
    • Receive messages from Synergy and Western Power.
  • Q: Why is Synergy running this trial?

  • Synergy is coordinating this trial as part of its commitment to the Federal Government’s Perth Solar City project, a $73.5million initiative designed to help communities rethink the way they use, reduce and produce electricity.

    Synergy is committed to helping customers understand the ways in which they can save energy. IHD’s are an important component of this, as valuable information on energy consumption is presented in an easy to understand format that can assist you are your family with saving energy in and around your home.

  • Q: How does Max know how much energy I am using?

  • Max sends and receives wireless communication signals from your smart meter to enable it to provide you with information about your energy consumption.

    These signals are sent across a Home Area Network (HAN), ensuring that Max is only receiving information from your smart meter.

  • Q: How do I charge Max?

  • You will be supplied with a display unit (Max), a battery charger and a user guide. To charge Max, simply connect the power adaptor to the DC power adaptor jack and plug Max into a power outlet. Max can take up to 8 hours to charge and once fully charged, the battery will last around 3 weeks.
  • Q: How do I get started?

  • Once Max is fully charged, simply hold down the <L> and <R> buttons simultaneously for a minimum of three seconds. It may take up to five minutes to complete the network joining process. During this time Max will scan for the network, authenticate your meter and then discover the services available to the meter.
  • Q: What happens when Max is inactive?

  • When not connected to external power Max will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. To wake Max up you can either press the two buttons located at the top of the device simultaneously or plug it in.

    Max has three power modes: On, Off and Sleep. To turn Max on, press either of the two buttons located on the top.

    To turn Max off, press and hold the left button for three seconds. A confirmation screen will then appear. Press the left button again (yes) to approve the shutdown.

  • Q: What shouldn’t I do with Max?

  • Please take care not to disconnect Max from the network. If you do leave the network, Max will no longer be able to provide you with information regarding your household’s energy consumption.
  • Q: How do I need to recharge my battery?

  • The battery icon in the top-right corner of Max’s screen shows an approximation of the remaining battery charge available.  When the icon looks empty, you will need to recharge the battery by plugging into an external jack.
    When connected to external power, the battery icon will animate to show that Max is charging. When the animation ceases, charging has finished and Max’s battery is full.
  • Q: How do I know when my network signal is down?

  • The vertical bars in the top left corner of Max’s screen show the strength of your connection to the network. A full six bars indicates the highest signal strength, whilst one bar indicates that Max is nearly outside the network range.  If you have too few bars indicated, you need to move back into range.
  • Q: What happens when Max receives a message?

  • If we have sent you a message it will appear on Max’s screen. The message will remain viewable on the screen until it expires.  Once the message expires, it will automatically delete itself.
  • Q: What do the lights on Max mean?

  • Max includes three light emitting diodes (LEDs) which it uses to indicate the presence of new messages and the current relative cost of electricity. (Please note: the LEDs will continue to function while Max is asleep.)

    When a new or unacknowledged message is available on Max’s screen, the LEDs will show this by simultaneously blinking once every 5 seconds. The LEDs will continue to blink until you have acknowledged the message or change to another display screen.

    When no new messages are present, the LEDs will indicate the current relative cost of electricity. A pulsing LED indicates the tariff period you are currently in, while a blinking LED in conjunction with a pulsing LED indicates an upcoming time-of-use period change (for time of use customers only). The colour of the blinking LED indicates the upcoming time-of-use period.

  • Q: What happens if my running total does not reflect my bill?

  • Max is intended for feedback purposes only and is not a billing tool. Discrepancies may exist between Max’s running total and your bill.
  • Q: What should I do if Max loses pricing information?

  • Turn Max off and leave it off overnight. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Synergy on 1800 729 265.
  • Q: Who should I contact with any feedback I may have about Max?

  • Please email us any feedback you have to
  • Q: Who do I call if I require further assistance or information about Max?

  • Please contact Synergy on 1800 729 265, between 7am to 7pm if you have any questions.

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