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  • Q: What is My Account?

  • My Account is a secure part of the Synergy website allowing you to access your electricity account online.
    My Account puts you in control, with simple tools to help you: 

    • view, download and print your Synergy bills
    • pay your bill online when it suits you - 24 hours a day, any day of the week, using a secure, quick and simple payment process
    • view your payment history and power consumption history
    • monitor your greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact
    • receive email notification when your bill is issued
    • set up Direct Debit payments from your bank account or credit card
    • add green energy products
    • add or update concession card details
  • Q: What are the features of My Account?

  • My Account streamlines your energy account management to save time and money, with simple tools to help you:

    • View, download and print your Synergy bills
    • Pay your bill online when it suits you - 24 hours a day, any day of the week, using a secure, quick and simple payment process
    • Store a credit/debit card for easy repeat bill payments
    • View your payment history and power consumption history
    • Set up paperless billing
    • Set up Direct Debit payments from your bank account or credit/debit card
    • View and download your interval data
    • Historical data, showing ‘this time last year’ consumption levels
    • Export and email your consumption graphs
    • Submit your Renewable Energy Buy Back Scheme application
  • Q: How do I register for My Account?

  • My Account registration is quick and simple - we just need a few details from you including your:

    • full name
    • business name
    • daytime telephone number
    • work email address
    • business address
    • Synergy energy account number

    You will also be asked to make up your own username, password and a password hint.

    You can complete the online registration here. If you are a large business receiving a Collective invoice, you can start the registration online, and a Synergy Account Management team member will contact you to complete the process.

    To start using My Account features, the next step is to link your energy account.

  • Q: Is there any additional cost?

  • No, My Account is a free service to all our customers. Your bank may charge standard transaction fees on electronic payments you make.
  • Q: Why should I use My Account?

  • Using My Account can simplify your bill payment process, and free your time for more important tasks. It also helps your business make more informed decisions about power usage and environmental impact policies.

    My Account keeps a secure, private record of your recent Synergy account history all in one place, accessible online any time. Secure credit card payments can be made at any time, or you can choose to pay by Direct Debit from your credit card or bank account.

    My Account also charts your energy use over the last 12 months, a useful feature for monitoring your energy use. You can also keep track of your energy's greenhouse gas emissions. It is a great goal setting tool for reducing your environmental impact.

  • Q: Who can register for My Account?

  • All Synergy customers can register for My Account. And, if you are a high-usage customer with a contract, you can ask for further analysis of your energy use, measured every 30 minutes.
  • Q: Are there any special conditions?

  • Yes, as part of the My Account registration, there are some standard terms and conditions for you to read online and accept.
  • Q: How do I start using My Account, once I have registered?

  • If you have registered and you are ready to use My Account for the first time, you will need:

    • a recent copy of your Synergy bill
    • your bank account or credit card details - if opting for Direct Debit payments
    • your email address - if choosing paperless billing

    Then, go online to the Synergy website homepage and enter your username and password in the My Account area on the right side of the screen. Once inside My Account, you will be asked to enter these details:

    • your account name - the business name shown at the top of your bill
    • your account number - also displayed at the top of your bill

    My Account gives you the option of paperless billing. If you choose this option, we will send you an email notification every time a bill is issued. This will go to the email address you entered when you first registered for My Account. Or, you can choose a different email address for your bill notification.

    To pay your bills using Direct Debit, you will be asked to enter the following information:

    • your bank account BSB number
    • your bank account number
    • your bank account name

    If you are having problems linking your energy account to My Account, or selecting any of the options, please contact us for assistance.

  • Q: What if I change my address?

  • Your My Account username and password remain the same, but your energy account details change when you move. So, to continue using My Account features and payment methods, you need to link your new energy account to My Account. To do this, you need the account number that appears on a Synergy bill posted to your new address. Then, log-in to My Account, and, under the 'Manage my account' menu, select 'Link a new account', and follow the instructions on screen.

    You can also continue to view energy bills from your previous address, unless you choose to unlink and old energy account from My Account.

    Once a linked account is removed, it can not be linked back.

  • Q: Can I cancel My Account registration?

  • Yes, you can cancel your My Account registration at any time. Simply contact us with your cancellation request.

    If you are moving home and plan to keep using My Account at your new address, you do not have to cancel your My Account registration. But to continue using My Account to view and pay future bills, you must link your new energy account number to My Account.

    To delete a specific linked energy account, log-in to My Account and click on 'Manage my account'. Then select 'unlink this account' next to the energy account you would like to remove.

  • Q: My business receives a Collective invoice - can I still register?

  • Yes, the Parent account and your individual Child accounts can all be paid and managed through My Account. Only the Parent account details can be used to register for My Account and make online payments.